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KUAH, the main town, is located on the southeastern tip of Langkawi island. Once a sleepy rustic town with a few streets, it is now a bustling centre with modern hotels and shopping centres but has managed to retain its colourful charm and character.

The Kuah jetty is the landing point for boats to the neighbouring islands. The name ‘Kuah’ is a Malay word meaning ‘gravy’ and is associated with an ancient legend of two battling giants who overturned a gigantic pot of curry (kuah) at the spot where the town now stands.

Locals throng the market and shops along the main roads to browse, haggle and purchase, pausing at stalls and open cafes for a cool drink or bite to eat. Being a duty free shopping haven, a wide variety of goods can be found at the hard to beat prices. Restaurants offer delicious local and international cuisines, incorporating the freshest of seafood.

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